Mary Armstrong Coffey Scholarship


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Application Deadline

April 12, 2021


This program is designed to help students of Forestview High School obtain a college or advanced technical education that plan to attend any accredited college or university.

Funds Available

The plan for this academic year is to fund one graduating student at $1,000 (to be paid $500 per semester based on student’s academic standing). However, the maximum amount of a scholarship is limited to actual cost or tuition and student fees. The scholarship amount is subject to change based on availability of funds.

Program Type

  1. Selection criteria shall be based on character and work ethic:

    Applicant must be a graduating student of Forestview High School.
  2. Students with part-time employment will be given preferential treatment.
  3. A legal U.S. Citizen.
  4. Grades of 2.5 or better in core subjects is required.
  5. Scholarship may be used in any accredited college or university. The selection committee reserves the authority to consider the nature or study and credentials of any technical school to be attended by an applicant.