TCGC is a student run philanthropy program that meets once per month during the school year to learn about the grant making process, network with nonprofit professionals and socialize with other teens from around the county. After learning the process of grants and their impact, the Teen Board is able to judge applications from fellow peers regarding service projects. The teens award a total of $5,000 to various projects in the county. As a follow up to awarding the grants, teens will volunteer with the projects awarded to experience their philanthropy on a personal level. The teen board consists of 9th-12th grade students (public, private, charter and homeschool) in Gaston County.

What Does TCGC do?

  • Reach out to youth in the community to encourage them to plan a project and apply for money to carry it out
  • Review the proposed project ideas from youth-led groups.
  • Make decisions as a group about which projects will receive money.
  • Follow up with and give support to the youth led groups that were funded.
  • Gain important leadership experience and job skills.
  • Meet and work with other teens in Gaston County.

The application to participate during the 2024-2025 academic year will be open from July 8-31, 2024!

Questions, Comments or Ideas?

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