A caring fund to provide assistance to any child in North Carolina under the age of 18 with serious medical/dental or related needs that cannot financially afford the service. The fund is also available to organizations that serve children in this category.

Allocation Purposes:

  • For medically or mentally disadvantaged children where public or family resources are not available. Emphasis on special equipment is typical, though not the only purpose.
  • For disadvantaged children with orthodontic needs to correct significant disfigurement or threats to the overall health of the child -- where public or family resources are not available.
  • Special grants to institutions/programs providing assistance to group(s) of children within the scope of the Fund’s purpose and mission.

Roberts Miller Application Individual

Grants for Institutions/programs are not available at this time

Applications may be submitted year-round to the Community Foundation. Please mail the completed application and attachments to Nina Greene, PO Box 123, Gastonia, NC 28053.

For more information please contact, Nina Greene at the Community Foundation.

"This grant allowed us to get the appropriate therapies for our child. The state of NC does not have insurance mandates for children with autism. The Roberts Miller foundation was an essential part of getting our child the assistance he deserves."

- TJ Robinson