Cancer Services of Gaston County - $1,000

Zackary Carr’s Project: “Caring for Those with Cancer”

Cancer Services is a local Gaston County non-profit organization that supports individuals with cancer. Everything stays in our local Gaston County community so that we are helping our own Gaston County family. I would like to receive this grant of $1000 for Cancer Services so that they can provide liquid nutrition to Gaston County residence. Cancer patients are in need of liquid nutrition such as Chicken Noodle Soup and Gatorade. $1,000 would provide 250 soup and Gatorade services to 125 individuals living in Gaston County with cancer. Cancer Services bundles them soup and Gatorade and calls with "A SERVICE". So a BUNDLE would include both soup and Gatorade. This BUNDLE is typically an entire one month supply for all the clients at Cancer Services and would be a huge help.

First Presbyterian Church - $1,000

Evan & Sarah Layton Shiflet’s Project: “Caring Cupboard Refill Fund”

Use grant funds to purchase non-perishable foods and toiletries to keep the Caring Cupboard box in the parking lot of First Presbyterian Church of Gastonia filled to serve the needs of students at Sherwood and Grier and neighborhood families.

First Baptist Church of Gastonia - $850

Rebekah Wynkoop’s Project: “Enhancement to First Baptist of Gastonia Backpack Ministries connected to SouthWest Middle School
The funding will be used to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, paper products, and personal hygiene items. FBC Gastonia sponsors 8 families each week with shelf-stable food. The TCGC money would allow the youth to provide fresh produce options each week, much-needed paper products, and other household essentials.

Jack and Jill of America (Gastonia Chapter) - $1,000

Olivia Bennett’s Project: “Mask Up Campaign”

In response to the rising COVID 19 cases in Gaston county, our teens group of Jack and Jill of America (Gastonia chapter) decided that we want to help the community by creating coronavirus survival kits. The kits would consist of mask, hand sanitizers, and things to help fight this virus. We wound distribute the kits through the city, with a goal of lowering the cases in Gaston county, and possibly saving lives.

SOCKS - $350

Katherine Heilig’s Project: Girl Scout Gold Award.

For my Gold Award, I am working with SOCKS (Serving Our Community with Kindness). I am helping them keep organized by providing them with shelving to help inventory their donations to help distribute to the poorest in our community. I am helping raise awareness about SOCKS's impact on our community by helping provide them with products to help this nonprofit function